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The original land of Israel was known as Canaan.  After the Jews had left their servitude in Egypt and wandered in the desert for 40 years, they were then able to enter their 'Promised Land' as described in Numbers 34:3-12.  Other names given to this land include: Beulah (Isa 62:4); Holy Land (Zec 2:12); Immanuel's Land (Isa 8:8); Land of Israel (ISa 13:19); Land of the Hebrews (Ge 40:15); Land of the Jews (Ac 10:30); Land of Promise (Heb 11:9); Pleasant Land (Da 8:9), The Lord's Land (Hos 9:3) and also Palestine.

In modern day terms the ancient nation of Canaan is now Israel, Babylon is Iraq, Persia is Iran, Edom and Moab are Jordan and Asia Minor is Turkey.

After Moses died, it was his aide, Joshua who took the Israelites into their promised land.  From there the civilization evolved into that of Kings appointed by G-d to help conquer the land.  First there was King Saul who slew his thousands, but succeeding him was King David who slew his tens of thousands.  David was considered such a man of war, that it was his son Solomon who was appointed by G-d to build the first Temple.

Due to the Jewish people's persistent rebellion and constant idolatry, their land became conquered repeatedly over the centuries.   Until May 14, 1948 that is, when it was officially re-instated as a Jewish Nation at the League of Nations, now called the United Nations.


Israel in world map

According to scripture, (Numbers 34:3-12) the G-d given boundaries of this land were much larger then what you see today.   To summarize- the boundaries went from the Wadi (or Brook) of Egypt in the South to The Mediterranean Sea in the West and as far North into Lebanon as Zedad and Ziphron.  From there the Eastern border made what appears to be almost a full circle to the right of the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea, ending at Kadesh Barnea on the Wadi of Egypt at the Southern border.   At present, Israel is approximately 1/2 the size compared to that which is described in the Scriptures.