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My Personal Experiences in Israel, 1991-1998

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My first one-room apartment

My first one-room apartment in Jerusalem.

My 'Faith Walk' led me to my own apartment the second day in Israel, complete with Nicky, my dog!

Nicky and Misty

Here's Nicky with 'adopted' Misty guarding my Bethlehem apartment.

Dogs are not very popular among the Arabs. So guess which "dog lover" was commissioned to raise all the strays?

Bethlehem apt.inside

This is the inside of the Bethlehem apartment.

The apartment is located on property owned by Holy Land Mission. They have 2 apartments for the volunteers.

adopted dogs

More adopted dogs.

Need I say more. Unfortunately the outcome of these 2 is not known, as they were left by the roadside, once they were big enough to fend for themselves.

Visa renewal time

Visa renewal time.

Every 3mos., 6 mos, or year, the volunteer would have to leave Israel to renew his/her Visa. Cyprus which is right of the coast of Israel saw a lot of business from us.

hotel in Limassol Cyprus

This is a nice hotel in Limassol Cyprus.

topless' beach

My first and last experience with a 'topless' beach.

Bungy jumping was the attraction at this beach, who was looking at the topless there anyway????

scuba diving

I'm a certified 'fish', no I mean Scuba diver.

That's me clowning around in the middle, just a real ham even under the water.

scuba diving

He is a light unto my path.

It would not be hard for me to want to live underwater, just not in Cyprus tho' as not half as beautiful as the Keys.