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London Kentucky (Nov-Dec 2006)
repacking boxes before going to ETH
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Huff family at Christmas

Christmas 2006 at ETH, Engeltal

the tree
3 muscateers
Christmas thanks
Linda in kitchen
dinner sharing
Sr. Gwen reading
Christmas ladies by desserts
Christmas- opening presents
Christmas- Tandie
Doreen and dad
Francine and Betty
Gene and family
Larry and Joyce
Linda and Danny
baby and family
Bill and family
Bob and family
Bob and son
Christmas jackets

2006 Feast of Tabernacles

and Sister Gwen Shaw of End-Time Handmaidens

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My Personal Experiences of 2006 in Israel

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Welcome to Beit El Baraka

Welcome to Beit El Baraka

My friend is the Director of Beil El Baraka located outside of Bethlehem. It was once a TB hospital, and is now a Youth Hostel

BEB Hostel

BEB Hostel

The stairs out side my room

These stairs are right out side my room.

I still have to deal with stairs when I do go out, which is not very often. But at least I still can.

Can you see Angel enjoying being outside?

The access road

The access road

This road goes to the other buildings on the property.

Same road

Same road, different view

Spring time

Spring time in this land is a true enjoyment.

These flowers overshadow those stairs and are a beautiful welcome when going out or coming in.

God's beauty

Aren't they beautiful to behold?

land blooms once again

More fullfillment of prophecy as this land blooms once again!


Qumquats are getting ripe.

Full bloom

Full bloom to remind us of God's creativity.


Once you first walk in the door this is the hallway that greets you.

My room is to the immediate left. Now you can see why I have to use the wheelchair, as the kitchen and TV/computer room is way down at the other end.

hallway from the other end

This is the same hallway from the other end.

The TV/computer room is the door to the left.

my room

This is my room.

The decor is quite comfortable and sunny.

view from my bed

This is the view from my bed.

Since I've been here a while, I decided to bring out my picture of Jesus, to help greet me every day as I get up.

God's Blessing

God's Blessing!

What a pleasant blessing to get this stove. Althought I initally believed this was for my on apartment, it was still a blessing as it was used to help pay Joan for my stay at BEB when I did leave in December to come back to the states.

My own washer and dryer!

Wow! My own washer and dryer!

So close and yet so far. We may perceive God's blessing one way when in actuality He has it meant for something else!

True Arab hospitality

True Arab hospitality.

This culture is one of genuine hospitality. They always put out quite a spread and ohhhh is their food ever so good!

Burned foot

Burned foot right after

I burned myself in three places, the worst was my right foot as I had a sock on that absorbed all the boiling hot water.

Burned foot

Burned foot a couple of weeks later

Thankfully a young friend of mine took one look at this and practically demanded I get a doctor to look at it, which I did. And was I glad, as it was getting infected!


This is my mid-calf and affected the least.

Only slight burns here which are healing nicely.

Vitamin E results

Vitamin E liquid is doing wonders here.

This is a couple of months later, and the scars are going away with the vitamin E liquid that I apply daily.

burn closer to the hip

This is the top burn closer to the hip.

This picture is right after I got the burn.

couple of weeks later

A couple of weeks later,

when it is in the process of healing.