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1991 to 1998 2006 2007 Present Israel Botanical Gardens
2007 stay in Nursing Home in Beit Hanina
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previous Jawahbeh Nursing Home Jawahbeh Nursing Home door Jawahbeh Nursing Home entrance Jawahbeh Nursing Home right hallway Jawahbeh Nursing Home left hallway my room my room eating area sitting area Jawahbeh Nursing Home patio Jawahbeh Nursing Home patio where i would eat Jawahbeh Nursing Home entrance looking out . next
Jawahbeh Nursing Home entrance

Welcome to Jawahbeh Nursing Home

in Beith Hanina. I stayed here in October for a month to get my strength bsck enough to travel back to the states. I arrived on a stretcher not able to stand on my own and left doing all self care as before the hospital as well as transferring in and out of the wheelchair by myself.

2007 Passover at ETH 'House of Peace' in Israel
Passover at ETH musician
Passover at ETH dinner
Passover at ETH dinner
Passover at ETH dinner

Dec 2006-Feb 2007 at ETH, 'Engeltal'
(Jasper, Arkansas) making web site

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hill with stream
nice view
gift shop
the valley
valley with Linda
valley and mtns
looking up
new house
the herd
couple of clowns