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Athens Greece, 2006 Atlanta airport, Fall 2006 Hospital and nursing home stay in Israel, 2007

Testimony of God's Faithfulness
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Athens, Greece 2006

It was VISA renewal time.  I went to Greece while Joan and a friend of ours, Mary Rewers, went to Cyprus.  I wanted to go to Athens because there was a Benny Hinn Crusade being held there on Sunday Sept. 24th and I believe the Lord has told me I will be getting my miracle at one of his crusades, so I keep trying when possible.

Thankfully our flights left the same time so we were able to go to the airport together, which made things easier.  After using my credit cards to pay for the flight and hotel, I only had 33 Euro to travel with.  I packed food for the 3 day stay, so I was really only concerned about taxi fare.  Mary gave me a little more, which helped. 

Upon arriving at the Athens airport, I was able to get a bus ride for FREE to Piraeus Port where my hotel was located.  My first thought was thank you Lord, that helps with the taxi money.  When I arrived at Piraeus Port, I proceeded to start wheeling myself to find the hotel.  That's when the Lord really intervened for me again when this sweet young lady, named Christiana Alatsi saw me headed for an incline and asked me if I wanted some help which I quickly accepted.  She is an American of Greek decent, recently married and now living in Greece.  She was waiting for a friend, Lisa, to do some witnessing for their faith, the Jehovah Witnesses.  Together they wheeled me over the bumpy and uneven roads until we finally reached my hotel.  I had picked this hotel because it had advertised having a lift, so I thought all was ok, but not to be.  My wheelchair didn't fit into the lift!  After much discussion, Christiana and Lisa, went out into the streets in search of another hotel that did have a lift that I could use.  They found one just right around the corner, so after some uncomfortable moments with the receptionist, off we went.  Although of a different faith, I praise the Lord for how God used these two young ladies to come to my aid right when I really needed it.

Testimony picture of JudeThe next day, I went to the Benny Hinn Crusade. That's  when the Lord helped out again.  I had to leave the Crusade early to get my 2:20 AM flight to be at the airport the required 3 hours early, or so I thought.  Jude (wearing the tie) came to my assistance and wheeled me out to find a taxi on the main highway.  We tried for over an hour, but with no success.  That was after having tried acting in faith by walking and claiming my miracle, all to no avail.  I didn't get my miracle and now I wasn't getting a taxi.  Was there a reason for all of this?  Jude, bless him, really tried to comfort me with words of encouragement but I was still hurting.  Finally I decided we needed to go back to the stadium and find a phone where I could call for a taxi, but by now it was closing up.  Jude had to leave because his family was waiting for him.  Finally, I found someone who had a cell phone and after getting the taxi phone number from a nearby policeman, I was able to make the call. 

This is when the Lord really undertook for me.  While I was waiting, another young man, Jeremy (I think that's his name?), who had been working for the Crusade came, also looking for a taxi.  Since his hotel was on the way to the airport, we were able to share.  That's when he offered to pay for my ride as well.  All this time I had been worrying about not having enough to get to the airport, even to the point of almost not giving in the offering.  But now, was I ever glad I had given!  Not only did he bless me with paying for my fare but as Jeremy was leaving, he handed me some more money, so I left Athens with almost 3 times more then I came with!  I honestly believe that had I not been obedient to give an offering, I would not have been blessed back.  He had also felt led of the Lord to give me a word as to something I need to deal with before the Lord can indeed give me the miracle.  By this time, I was ready for any word that could give me a decent answer as to why I still haven't received it yet.  God knew I needed some answer because I really wasn't feeling very loved at that time.   If I had gotten a taxi earlier, I would have missed out on not only getting my fare paid for, the blessing of extra money but also the word in season that has helped.  I no longer could question if God loved me, He was showing me that by waiting and trusting, that indeed He did.  I could relate that not only to the taxi ride but to waiting on Him for my miracle too!  How awesome He is, knowing just what we need and when.  What a testimony to God's faithfulness.