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Athens Greece, 2006 Atlanta airport, Fall 2006 Hospital and nursing home stay in Israel, 2007

Testimony of God's Faithfulness
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 Atlanta airport - Fall 2006

During the Feast of Tabernacle of 2006, Sister Gwen Shaw of the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, had meetings in their ministry 'House of Peace' located in Jerusalem. At the end of one of those meetings, I went up for prayer from Sister Gwen.  It was then that she learned that I am a Web Master, so we started to make arrangements for me to go to Arkansas, via London Kentucky at the end of November to work on her site.

At the Atlanta airport, on the way to Kentucky is when the Lord really turned what appeared a horrible situation into a true blessing. 

Let me explain.  It started with my not knowing about the liquids problem in going through Customs in the Atlanta airport.  When the man helping me with the wheelchair, asked me if I had any liquids in my carry on, I thought of the Olive oil which was to be a Christmas present.  Only to find out the hard way it also meant toothpaste, lotion, etc. which I had in my carry on and ended up apologizing profusely for the mistake.  "After leaving there red-faced, I waited for my connecting flight to Kentucky, only to miss it.  I had asked about boarding a previous flight in error, so they knew I was there and I kept hearing a paging for a Catherine "someone-I cant remember the last name" but it wasn't Chambers, so I didn't pay attention.  My watch strap had  broken, so I didn't check the time and when I finally went to the check out counter, the plane was just taxing off.  I could see it leaving!  Needless to say I was quite unnerved by the whole deal.  I waited patiently for the next flight and that was when the Lord let me know He was with me, even in this!  There was another woman using a wheelchair that they also helped on the plane.  I had to climb the stairs with an attendants help as I repeatedly kept brushing his extra hand off my hip, while telling him, it was my foot that needed his help not my hip.  This only unnerving me all the more!  After I sat in my seat and the stewardess mentioned they should have had a lift for me instead of making me climb the stairs, I fought back the tears until the dear lady next to me said, she understood (or something like that).  Then the tears started.  After some conversation, I asked the dear lady her name and it was Mrs. MIRACLE.  She then asked me mine, and I told her Chambers.  That's when she said, you won't believe this, but my maiden name was Chambers.  So her name is Mrs. Ethel Chambers Miracle!!!!!!  She also is a Christian.  We started praising the Lord together for His infinite wisdom.  That was well worth missing the previous plane!  God is so awesome.  What a testimony of His faithfulness.  Even when we make mistakes, or it looks like the 'enemy of our soul' is winning, God gently taps us on the shoulder and reminds us of who is really in control!  Awesome, huh?